Natalie's Week of Treatment

Natalie came to Cognitive FX after dealing with post-concussion syndrome symptoms for a couple of years. The Cognitive FX Foundation provided her with a scholarship to get treatment, and to help us raise awareness about the effects of concussions and brain injury. Watch her story, and her treatment experience below.

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Her Story

Natalie shares about her life after her concussion's. She explains what her life was like, her symptoms, and how her life was impacted by her injuries in ways she didn't expect. 


Day 1 - CFX EPIC Treatment

Natalie shares her first day of Treatment including her first scan, her results, and then the exercises and therapies she did during her day. 

"I feel excited for the week... One of my goals is to feel more confident in myself."


Day 2: CFX EPIC Treatment

Natalie really enjoyed doing new things she has never done before. 

"I have never been with any therapist in the last year using motor and cognitive skills at the same time."


Day 3: CFX EPIC Treatment

By day 3, Natalie is enjoying the routine and structure of treatment.

"I am really proud of myself in the cognitive things, because that definitely doesn't come easy to me." 


Day 4: CFX EPIC Treatment

Today went really smooth for Natalie. Moving from treatment to treatment she definitely is feeling more confident. 

"Today in therapy I talked about incorporating what I have been doing here into my life after treatment." 


Day 5: CFX EPIC Treatment

Natalie shares how fast the week flew by. She has really enjoyed the treatments and the growth. She is excited to see her second scan results. 

Be sure to watch the overview as it shares her results from her second scan.