There are millions of individuals impacted by brain injury and disease each year. Without treatment individuals may never restore functioning. Treatment for many is a sacrifice financially. Our scholarships support individuals needing access to treatment. 


Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis, solely dependent on the funding we have. Each individual must apply to receive a scholarship. Scholarship amounts vary based on financial need, extent of injury, quality of life, and location of applicant, community involvement, along with other factors in the application process.

There are three tiers of scholarships for treatment a full ride, Three-Quarter Scholarship, Half Scholarship, and a scholarship to get an fNCI scan. 

All are welcome to apply and once an application has been received it will be reviewed by the board of directors and you will hear back from the foundation within 1 month. At this time we are currently not accepting applications as we are beginning to receive funding. Once we receive $30,000 in funding we will open up our applications and begin providing scholarships. For any questions please contact us.

We are excited about the impact these scholarships will have because when just one person receives life changing treatment their whole community benefits.

For every person who benefits from treatment, research, or expanded awareness, countless others benefit too. That’s the driving force of the Cognitive FX Foundation, bringing about real world change.

Scholarships for Service hero's

Service hero's will receive treatment at low-cost to them. Each service hero will be awarded the same amount for their scholarship. 

Service hero's also have to apply for a scholarship. All applications will be reviewed by the board of directors. Applicants will here back from the foundation within 1 month of submitting the application.